Hosted VoIP Singapore

What Is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet-based technology that permits users to make calls via a broadband Internet connection instead of a standard (or analog) phone line. Certain VoIP services might only enable you to connect to others with the same link. However, some VoIP services allow you to call anyone with the number of a phone, which includes local and long-distance numbers, mobile as well as international. Additionally, although some VoIP services are only compatible with your computer or a specific VoIP phone, some services allow you to connect to an old-fashioned telephone connected to a VoIP adapter. You can communicate internationally with Call Nation at a minimal price.

What Is The Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP refers to an online phone service operated by a third-party provider to a company or client company. Hosted VoIP is an excellent solution for small-scale businesses looking for an affordable and unidirectional solution to their communication requirements. Hosted VoIP is a replacement for traditional landlines as well as the analog equipment that goes with it by using cloud-based telephone systems. Every call is converted into digital data packets that are transmitted to the receiver over the internet. This requires a server capable of handling the data for a VoIP that is not hosted. Your company must set it up in a location on your premises. We provide services in the 612 area code in the US and many other areas.

Hosted VoIP Service In Singapore

Modern technology needs to be flexible, scalable, and universally accessible. Hosted VoIP solutions fit the bill perfectly. This is why Singapore adopts this approach to increase its revenue and establish a global image. It doesn’t matter if you require a unified communications system or are searching for a different option to call; you’ll find it in VoIP solutions. In addition, Singapore was profiting from cost savings for maintenance and scaling with hosted VoIp. Prepaid Mall offers you top-up services to your number.

Benefits Of Hosted VoIP

  • Cost Savings
  • International Calls
  • Unified Communications
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Advanced Contact Center Tools
  • More Mobility


Small businesses and startups choose small businesses, and start-ups choose hosted VoIP providers for business communications since it’s an inexpensive service with the benefit of a monthly fixed cost. However, for companies with more affluent customers, excellent communication infrastructure, and a strong network, on-premise VoIP might be the most effective long-term option since it’ll let them ultimately control their unified communications hardware. We provide customer service in the 651 area code in the United States and many more. you can also read our blog about Toll Free Number.

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